"A Sea of Data" Citizen Science Faire 2017, first in Hong Kong


What is the air quality today? Is my water clean? How much wildlife can be found in Hong Kong?

These are questions closely related to our daily lives, and finding the answers isn’t rocket science – it’s just data! But where to start?MakerBay will host Hong Kong’s first ever Citizen Science Fair at PMQ courtyard in Central. This event is a celebration of innovation and awareness, an exciting opportunity for everyone to join hands-on workshops, attend presentations, visit interactive exhibits of citizen science projects. The event is free and open to all ages.

I was the lead organizer, creative director and producer of the event.



  • 17 August 2017 (Thursday)
  • 18 August 2017 (Friday)
  • 19 August 2017 (Saturday)
  • 20 August 2017 (Sunday)

Join the “Seas of Data” Adventure to become a citizen scientist!

How is the air today? How clean is my water? How many wildlife can be found in Hong Kong? These are questions closely related to our daily lives and our health. Yet how many of us really act to find out the answer? In fact, it is not rocket science especially nearly everyone can access to the internet nowadays. Every single of you, as citizen, can also do science together, share your findings and promote innovation. To celebrate this intellectual movement, MakerBay is hosting the first ever Citizen Science Faire in Hong Kong, featuring an exhibition of citizen science projects in Asia, a range of hands-on workshops, sharing and interactive science experience. The 4 days event offers you a glimpse of how we as a citizen, can contribute to science in our everyday life, it is easier than you think!

— The “Seas of Data” Adventure —In the Seas of Data, droplets of data are collected to form a massive “Seas of Data”. Yet it needs somebody to give meanings to the “Seas of Data”. So we have sailors to use and interpret data, just like navigating a boat to start an adventure in the ocean. As a citizen scientist, you can be the droplet of data or sailor or even both! Each droplet of data and sailor shares the same level of significance since collective actions depends heavily on each and every contribution. Everybody matters and every piece of data counts!

Based on the projects we curated this year, we categorized the projects into 3 themes. We call them the 3 Seas:

Sea of AIR: Know your air! Air quality affect everyone’s lives, you can also help monitor air quality and share the data online to help advocate the sustainable solutions for the future that our government can put into action today.Sea of WATER: Do you know where marine litter comes from? A lot of litter generated on land actually ends up in the ocean, but how? You can actually turn your old smartphone into a tracking device to simulate how litter enters the sea through storm drains and rivers at the faire.Sea of LIFE: Do you know Hong Kong waters are covered by coral more than all of the Caribbean? Hong Kong’s biodiversity is surprisingly rich for its small space. We can go out to observe, identify and build a DNA Barcode Library for the wildlife we found in Hong Kong. Come to the sea of life to know about our environment and conserve it.

Every droplet of data keeps an ocean alive… —You can become the one who collect droplets to form the “Seas of Data” or the sailor to turns data into actions.Join the “Seas of Data Adventure” at the Citizen Science Faire 2017!Are you ready for the challenge? Mark the dates August 17 – 20! Bon Voyage!

Click here http://citizensciencefairehk.eventbrite.com to find out more about the programme and registration details.

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