Baby steps in Make (former Integromat) with a focus on Notion Automation


Starting from the basics

1. Learn the basics

2. Filtering data in workflows

3. Routers, building multiple branches

4. Data Iterator & Array Aggregators | Combining and segregating Separating Bundles

example is

  1. Receive an email with multiple images attached
  2. save each image on google drive as separate images

Google drive

  1. take multiple images
  2. attach them to an email
  3. send the email

5. Where is my Notion database ID?{workspace_name}/{database_id}?v={view_id}

6. Mapping, errors...

7. Managing Errors

8. Overview of the capabilities of Make

From 9:34, the video explains how to make personalised emails

9. Feels like I need to go back to even more basics [French]

Google Spreadsheet → Notion Page content

10. General overview of different components [French]

11. Social Media Management from Notion to Integromat

12. General Error Management

It turns out, I really struggled because I had my permissions wrong.

I had accidentally created many sub-accounts on both Notion AND google. So I was not able to properly load the google spreadsheet on one side, and the notion database on the other side. No wonder my fields were not auto-populating!

After I deleted the permissions and re-created the scenarios, it all went smooth.