Booster Shot, BioNTech, in Hong Kong, Nov 11, 2021


A lot of people want to get the 3rd (booster) shot BioNTech in Hong Kong. I just got mine in a local community vaccination centre (Choi Hung) and I hope the people who need it can get it too.

I made a map with all the vaccination community centres locations in Hong Kong here:

Original Data (with opening hours):

How did I get the booster even though I'm not in one of the current target groups, e.g., elderly, immunocompromised or vaccinated with two shots of Sinovac and I did not have a reservation?

I explained my situation to the staff there:

  1. I had my 2nd BioNTech shot over 200 days ago in March 2021 =β‡’ they checked using my HKID because I had trouble logging into the (I think this can also be checked via iHealth app, IAMSmart apps or HKID).
  2. I am traveling to a high risk Group A country in a few weeks =β‡’ showed printed plane ticket
  3. I will be going to take care of elderly relatives in the high risk country.
  4. I am a teacher =β‡’ showed my Staff Card but probably not necessary

Based on my situation, they made a booster shot reservation for me on the spot. And I DID have the following ready:

  1. Hong Kong ID
  2. iHealth and IAMSmart app installed and records ready
  3. Record of my 2nd shot that took place over 200 days ago
  4. Teacher Staff Card
  5. Printed confirmation of plane ticket to a high-risk country in a few weeks time
  6. Explained that I am going to care for an elderly relative - photo of elderly relatives

I do not know if you will be able to get a third / booster shot, but my understanding is that the BioNtech booster shot is available AT THE DISCRETION OF THE STAFF.

I don't have more information to share. I tried, and I was able to get it.

Please refer to the government website for official communications:


Thank you for the β€œCominarty 3” sticker on my shoulder! I hope it becomes more widely available soon.