Cheung Hoi Ling Helen

References read

“Experiences of university students living with mental health problems: Interrelations between the self, the social, and the school” added by Poon Kwok hang

Rating:85/100. A study investigate individuals factors of students, like social support, family issues, and their understandings of the illness.

“The five ways to wellbeing” added by Jung Hyeonwoo

Rating: 80/100. A video introduce some means we can launch in daily life to boost our mental health and wellbeing also to create connections with others.

“What is depression? - Helen M. Farrel” added by Chung Yiu Yeung

Rating:90/100. A video explain detailly about depression and its common consequences and suitable approach as well as what should their friends and families do.

“What Causes Mental Illness?” added by Lim Wo Him

Rating:80/100. An article illustrate the common cause of mental illness and some general doubt about mental health, also suggesting some possible causes.

“COVID-19 and mental health: A review of the existing literature” added by Chiang Yi Pin

Rating:90/100. A report reveal the consequence of COVID-19 to mental health and their correlation, how the coronavirus affect the incidence rate of mental health diseases.

“Emotion vocabulary reflects state of well-being” added by Wong Wai Kai

Rating:85/100. An article stated how can we know the level of social wellbeing based on the emotion and behaviour.

“Mental Health Awareness - Why Is Mental Health Important?” added by Wong Yue

Rating:90/100. A video about the interview of a mental health expert talking about the importance of aware of mental wellbeing and how to deal with mental illness.

“Strategies to support anxious children” added by Shi Jiahui(Jazmyn)

Rating:80/100. An article provided some measure to try to help anxious children and help them get rid of scared situation.

“Eating disorder-related social comparison in college women's everyday lives” added by Wei Hao Qi

Rating:75/100. An article introducing basic concept of eating disorder including its causes and effects, symptoms and treatment as well as different types of eating disorder.

“Why Storytelling Is at the Heart of Changing Attitudes About Mental Health” added by Chu Henry Tin Heng

Rating:90/100. An article talks about how storytelling relief mental health problems, make the patients feel less alone, and as a way to educate about mental illness issues.