20220825 Amandine Courret, WMA

Applicant’s travel document (and the previous travel document if it shows the current limit of stay); and

Evidence to support the need to prolong the stay in Hong Kong e.g. onward/return tickets; evidence showing adequate fund, etc.

Contract end of Sep Oct 1 -> end of fiscal year March 2023

== Chloe == Open ended Wayn: She will no longer have in full Time She need to prove her capacity in the role Head of... In her mind, she's the Senior manager of the Physical She wants Agatha - Director of all She lacks experience

== Vivian == Oct 1

  • "Friend of WMA" (not advisor), no affiliation, not or org chart, no finance record
  • Protect the budget, I don't want to be a burden, Protect Wayne
  • Gestion du risque

== Tian == Director for Digital and Risk Advisor for Digital Space Define strategy Recruit the team April 2023

== New Director -> Elaine? == April 2023, WMA Elaine has spent 10 years in Asia Archive

== Ethan == WMA alumni, background in Photography Temporary helping Claudia AND Take it over

== Claudia ==

== Wayne == Oct 1 -> Project based

== Anthony == Make sure the budget is ok

  • Minus Agatha
  • Minus

== HR Committee ==

== Board Meeting == Kassel

  • Vivian debrief
  • Security debrief