ARCH7277 "Refugee Camp Design"

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1. Gardening,

2. Composting,

3. Sustainable Toilets,

4. Aquaponics,

5. Rainwater harvesting (and synergy with land sliding in refugee camps)

6. Cartography

Sessions: Friday 12:00 - 14:00, KB418


DateDescriptionSpeaker & ExpertsSlides
September 1, 2020
Presentation to students, brief
Cesar Jung-Harada
September 4, 2020
Brief on Zoom, students enroll online
Mouhsine Serrar, Daniel Rudolph
September 11, 2020
Divide in 5 teams, Questions to refugees & Experts, Literature review of available technologies.
George Hoehne, Rohingya Refugee (via Jeffrey Andrews)
September 18, 2020
Student literature review, crowdsource design references, Creative time, design concepts, testing ideas What's the most relevant technology / Design. Create teams.
Sabrina Fiorentino, France Timezone
September 25, 2020
Urban Design from Design and Technologies {Speaker: Urban Design Speaker}
Unsu Lee, Burning Man - Singapore}, {Garvey, Sanitation, women issues, Lesbos}
October 2, 2020
[Public Holiday]
October 9, 2020
Show real Prototype 1, think of an application in Hong Kong
{George Hoehne, Humanitarian Aid}, {Mouhsine Serrar, Thailand}, {Refugees from Hong Kong that have been living in Refugee camps}
October 16, 2020
[Public Holiday]
October 23, 2020
Prototype 2.
{Eric Hersman, Nairobi}
September 30, 2020
{Johann Annuar, Logistician MSF}
October 6, 2020
Educational Materials. Template. Evaluation.
{Tonee Ndungu, E-Education, Nairobi},
November 13, 2020
Review of educational Material (Graphics / videos)
November 20, 2020
How to present & pitch, Rehearsal of presentation with feedback
November 27, 2020
Final Presentation to Stakeholders (Refugee, Refugees camps design experts)
{Mouhsine Serrar, Thailand}, {Sabrina Fiorentino, France Timezone}, {Sam Bloch, Communitere}, {Chris Tighe UK Time zone}, {Innovaiton Design, BRAC University}, {George Hoehne, Humanitarian Aid}, {Johann Annuar, Logistician MSF}, {Tonee Ndungu, Nairobi}, Sam Bloch


  • Dew Labs: Mouhsine Serrar (USA, Thailand) - CONFIRMED
  • Prakti Edu: Sabrina Fiorentino, (India, France) - CONFIRMED
  • Imperial College: Chris Tighe (UK) - CONFIRMED
  • Bengal Institute: Mohammad Tauheed (Bangladesh)
  • Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation: Saif Kamal (Bangladesh)
  • RunHK: HK Refugees organisation, individual refugees (HK)
  • Justice Center (former): Piya Muqit (HK, Myanmar)
  • Kytabu: Tonee Ndungu. E-learning, (Kenya)
  • BRCK, Gearbox: Erik Hersman (Kenya)
  • Engineering Good, Johann Annuar (Singapore)
  • Burning Man expert: Unsu Lee (Singapore)
  • Synergy Social Ventures: Abbie Jung-Harada (ASEAN)
  • Communitere: Sam Bloch (Global)
  • Innovation Aid, George Hoehne (Germany)
  • MIT d Lab: Roberto Melendez, Shawn Frayne, Alex Hornstein (Honduras, USA)
  • Refugee and women rights activist: Garvey Chui (Lesbos, Greece)
  • News Deeply, Lara Setrakian (HK, Armenia)
  • World Food program: TBC
  • BRAC Innovation and University: TBC
  • Conserve worldwide: TBC
  • Stanford Extreme Affordability: TBC
  • World Food Program: TBC

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