Artificial ocean upwelling + Open Hardware Licence for non profit


Upweller Technology

The Trofix Upweller has a flow rate over 10 times greater than existing upwelling technologies having demonstrated a flow rate greater than 5 cubic meters per second. The technology can be scaled to over a thousand times this size. Wave and solar energy turn the rotor which propels cool, nutrient-dense water to the surface. By using a completely new upwelling method, operational costs are much lower and scale potential much greater than existing technologies.

Conservation Impacts

Upwelling nutrient-dense water increases the growth of local phytoplankton and is associated with healthy, happy ecosystems. Carbon removal is an added bonus as upwelling boosts local ecosystem activity and causes biomass growth, which then sinks and sequesters carbon at the bottom of the ocean. In the event of marine heat waves, upwelling near coral reefs can provide immediate temperature relief by blowing cool water over the reef. This may be one of the only ways to provide immediate relief to reefs amidst a rapidly warming planet.

🪸Ocean Tech Announcement🪸

The world is in the midst of one of worst-ever coral bleaching events, an estimated 80% of the Great Barriere Reef is bleaching right now. At Otherlab, I’ve been working on a technology that can help cool corals, acting like an air conditioner in the ocean. We don’t want to be the gatekeepers of this technology, so we’re releasing it under a free license that will allow anyone, anywhere to use it for research, conservation, and other non-commercial projects.

The Trofix Upweller has applications from carbon removal and ecosystem protection to cooling for aquaculture and seaweed farming. Access the free license here:

This is an exciting day! It’s rare that there is good news in the coral world, so please help us get the word out. Share share share!

The free, non-commercial license.

We’ve made our technology available to anyone, anywhere to use for research, conservation, and other non-commercial applications. Complete the form below to access the license.