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Establishment of “BEST Community”

“BEST Community” in which BEST stands for “Business Entrepreneurship Support and Training”, was successfully established on 18 May 2018. This is a community for gathering entrepreneurship stakeholders, alumni and industry partners to support and advance the creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation education at HKBU, and with the community at large. The Community includes our current global partner, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) of UC Berkeley and our long-term or potential working partners from both academia and industries in Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

Main objectives of BEST Community:

  1. To nurture university students by engaging them in creative, entrepreneurship and innovation activities;
  2. To engage entrepreneurship pioneers from academia and industries to be part of the Community;
  3. To solicit resources for supporting the Community activities and programmes;
  4. To foster collaboration with various partners and stakeholders between Silicon Valley, the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong in order to support budding entrepreneurs at the Community.

Structure of Governance Committee

The Governance Committee of the Community is responsible to provide advice on the direction of the Community and review the effectiveness of the Community operation.

University Chair

Deputy University Chair

Industry Chair

Deputy Industry Chair

Academic Representative


Many people have the wrong perception that “Design Thinking” is only for designers, but it is not! “Design Thinking” is a powerful tool everybody could use to brainstorm creative ideas and solutions! A seminar on “Design Thinking Fundamentals” was held on 29 January 2019 by Mr. Cesar Jung-Harada, Director of MakerBay for the BEST community to learn more about how “Design Thinking” can help with their everyday work and study. Over 130 staff and students attended the seminar! A BEST Networking Session was held after the seminar for participants to make new friends and practice networking skills.

If you have missed this session, but would like to learn about “Design Thinking”, please stay tuned to our soon-to-be-launched online module - ‘BEST1002 – Design Thinking Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs’!


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