CCCB, “Open_Sailing Lecture & Workshop”

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Open Sailing és un projecte d'un grup interdisciplinari que proposa la construcció d'unitats intel·ligents que permetin la vida autònoma i sostenible al mar. Aquest col·lectiu va oferir un taller en el Solar NOW, el 27 de novembre de 2009 al CCCB.


The second day 27 person participated the Open_Sailing workshop with

. It was about dance,

, mapping, tagging, geostrategy, group and decision making, adhocracy,

, town-planning, renewable energies, sustainable design, hedonism, fun,

Here is the structure of the workshop as a simpler array of instructions :


1. walk

2. run


3. walk eyes closed

4. run eyes closed

5. linear network - walk eyes closed

6. linear network - walk eyes closed - somebody takes the lead

7. branched network - walk eyes closed

8. branched network - walk eyes closed - somebody takes the lead

9. complex network - walk eyes closed

10. complex network - walk eyes closed - somebody takes the lead

11. splitting the group is sub-groups


1. cover the floor with a large paper

2. draw YOUR world map


1. have 2 colours stikers : one "like" color, one "dislike" color

2. tag the map, write words on tags

3. map the whole world

Individual desire

1. think of where you personaly would prefer to live according to your map and tags

Group decision of a location

1. make a decision, as group, of one location, where you all agree to go together

Group decision of activities

1. as a group decide one activity in this new location

Individual involvment

1. as an individual, choose your activity within this group

Craft of the system

1. describe your location, group activity, personal activity, how the system would work (food, energy, political, technology ...)

Design of the system

1. optimize your system

Fabrication of models

1. as a group, fabricate the physical model of what you have been describing

Public presentation and debate

1. present your group work to other groups of works

2. compare, discuss.

3. general debate : what happened? what did you enjoy? what did you not enjoy? what did you learn? what will remain in your memory? How will this workshop affect your future life?

thanks !