Cesar, I’m going to Japan! Tell me good spots


Image from: https://www.erikastravelventures.com/weird-things-to-do-in-tokyo/

My favorite spots:

  1. I love the electronics market.... https://livejapan.com/en/in-tokyo/in-pref-tokyo/in-akihabara/article-a0004361/
  2. The museum of the future in Tokyo https://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/en/
  3. Volcanic black sand, a short ride out of central Tokyo: Inamuragasaki Beach, good surf spot https://travel.gaijinpot.com/inamuragasaki-beach/
  4. And the islands outside of Tokyo to B R E A T H https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/things-to-do/tokyo-islands-you-must-visit
  5. My friend actually wrote this book and website about the 1000 km trail in Tohokuy region (that's where Sendai is) https://www.michinokutrail.com/
  6. Kamikatsu: the zero waste village should be interesting to you: https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-solutions/interactive/2022/japan-zero-carbon-village-climate/https://www.core77.com/posts/125980/This-Japanese-Town-Sorts-Their-Waste-Into-These-45-Categories
  7. If you are in Kyoto... https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3906.html
  8. Skateboarding is huge in Japan these days https://youtu.be/r5IJHW2EObQ?si=9GH7kXPjUwaTbecD "Located under a bridge in tsutsumidori "
  9. Oh, yes, and to party https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/nightlife/best-nightclubs-in-tokyo-for-every-occasion
  10. Second hands clothes: https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/shopping/vintage-tokyo-top-20
  11. Oh and for the hipsters https://travel.rakuten.com/contents/usa/en-us/guide/hipster-neighborhoods-japan/