Changemaker cheatsheet - data Visualisation


Here are the best cheat sheets in climate change and sustainability.

You can find the links below:

1. External forces driving business transformation towards climate action by Antonio Vizcaya Abdo:

2. UK's Unprepared Climate Future by Tara Shirvani, PhD:

3. How agriculture is polluting lakes by Frank Holleman:

4. From Climate Change Denial to Climate Change Delay by Jan Rosenow :

5. Nature-based solutions to address the climate crisis by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - IFRC :

6. Mangroves vs. Terrestrial Forests by Omar AL-Ajaji :

7. CO2 emissions since 1900 by Visual Capitalist :

8. Biodiversity. Why care? By Natalie Kyriacou OAM :

9. Clean Energy Funding by Roger Atkins :

10. Climate Change and Biodiversity by IPBES and Ingenium :

11. Climate Change in the Coral Triangle by WWF :

12. Tracking Carbon Emissions by Saving Nature :

13. Plan to communicate through change by David McLean :

14. How big is the oil market by James W.:

15. Life Cycle Emissions of Electric vs. Combustion Engine Vehicles by Bernardo Sousa Ribeiro, Ph.D. :

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