Children in an Era of Hyper Individuality and Late Stage Capitalism, Cheyenne Lin


12:36: in a society with a declining birth rate you  don't have to see children if you don't want  to. When you live in a white wealthy suburb that's  zoned for single family houses with little to no  third spaces or public transportation you could  literally spend the entire day without interacting  with a single soul that's not outside of your  immediate household and that's an extremely individualistic way to live and also a privileged  one in that you can curate your surroundings. Your   house becomes your little kingdom, your property  becomes your domain and yours alone. You don't have


to share space with anyone else and I personally  find that really damaging to society as a whole,


especially when it comes to the child-free debate. Some child-free people not all of them of course


but some of them can be really annoying because  they just don't get kids and don't want them in   their lives at all at any cost and that's because  they probably grew up in a world that was catered


to their needs and comfort and didn't have to be  exposed to anything that they didn't want to be  and compromise with other humans. Growing up in  a city or urban area where the front porch or


sidewalk becomes a third space especially in the  summer, and when you live in mixed spaces where


there's other people in your space including  kids I personally think that makes you more   empathetic and More in community with your fellow  human beings and that's a good thing.

There's been articles written about why wealthy people hate  noise and that's because they lose control of   their environment and they freaking hate that. They hate compromising because they believe they're entitled to comfort rather than trying  to empathize and understand others. In addition in   neighborhoods that have been gentrified the new  wealthier residents demand and impose quiet in an area that was usually very communal, a little  boisterous, and where people communicated openly and knew one another rather than calling 311 or  301 to file a noise complaint you'd actually go over and get to know your neighbor and be able  to have a conversation about the noise level but now in these newly gentrified areas the upper  class residents go straight to the law rather than trying to work things out human to human  neighbor to neighbor. And personally I think   that really sucks because it kind of defeats  the purpose of living in mixed use areas in cities in purposefully communal spaces. In cities  and in mixed zone areas you will inevitably be brought into Community with others but it seems  as though there's just such a push back against   that when things like loud noises and children  running around and shared walls are just part of living in a city, and with other people in general  and to try to impose upper class values like quiet into these spaces seems kind of futile and also  hostile. The great thing about more diverse areas is that you get to see life other than your own  you get to hear babies and kids scream and cry and also see them grow up and be a part of that  Village, you get to share public transport with   the elderly and Pregnant and disabled, you get to  see people other than those who share the same background as you and that's important because we  live under an economic system whose purpose is to   constantly divide us and keep us separate. Most  people complain about kids on flights because that's the only time they've ever had to interact  with a kid unwillingly because they've lived such a privileged life they never had to be with one in  a public setting that they couldn't control. Planes are the only time they take public transportation  so of course they're going to hyperfocus on the   kids being annoying. Kids are loud and inconvenient  they whine, they're trying to process big feelings and just pisses me off when I see posts about how  annoying kids are on flights or that there should   be child-free flight options or anything like that  because for God's sake can't you just appreciate the miracle of flight and have a little bit of  empathy?