Coral Reef Mapping Robot - Delta Force



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Current Version (as of 2020/08/08)

Coral Reef Mapping Robot, Delta Force

2020/08/08 Test session at Approach Beach, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Our #Coral #Reef #Mapping #Robot effort intensifies! Our latest prototype did really well! Huge thanks to the volunteers who came and the advice given to us in the comments on social media - it really helped!

  1. Cesar Jung-Harada
  2. Brad O'Dell
  3. Mathis Buchbinder
  4. Tsz Sum Chu
  5. Rama Adiputra
  6. Aidina Tleugabyl
  7. Tsz Ching Shirley Wong
  8. Special thanks to Roberto Pirelli,

Music 1: Bokeh by Soundroll Music 2: Old Little Cafe by FAS Sounds

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Feedback on Coral Reef Mapping Robot, “Delta Force”


Hard to deploy, so large
Head too heavy, more buoyancy required at the front, especially if we add more battery
Fin can be smaller
one engines is too high (bubbling)
Next time, we measure voltage before and after and perhaps try to estimate the autonomy
Branding, stickers!
Earlier, so we’re not rushed by the sunset
Mosquito spray, swim attire, 🍹


More stable
Thrusters are awesome
Easier to drive
U-turn, 360
Pack quite small