Coral Reef Mapping Robot - "V Ladder"





  1. Aluminum rigidity, flexibility, strength at 19mm diameter. 25mm diameter might be better. Moderate Flexibility is good
  2. One person operation
  3. Thrust is good underwater
  4. Faster setup
  5. Stability is good


  1. One engine did not go!
  2. The camera needs to be deeper and blacked out
  3. The camera and brain needs to be cooled
  4. In reverse cables get wet(short circuit)
  5. Better, faster attachments for tubes
  6. Better attachments for tubes, rudders, to stay vertical
  7. Set tubes further apart for more stability


  • Cesar Jung-Harada
  • Michael O'Brien
  • Brad O'Dell
  • Mathis Buchbinder
  • Sanjeew Kanagaraj
  • Priank Sharma
  • Aidina Tleugabyl
  • Raman Adiputra
  • Michael Tang
  • Thanks to Duy Huynh, Emma Wong, Walter Dellisanti, Roberto Pirelli



Learning from the previous versions, in particular the last one "Delta Force". the newest version "V ladder" is essentially extending the cameras outside of the frame.

The foto below is from the previous prototype "Delta Force"

Coral Reef Mapping Robot - Delta Force

Feedback from testing and from the community

Feedback on Coral Reef Mapping Robot, “Delta Force”


Hard to deploy, so large
Head too heavy, more buoyancy required at the front, especially if we add more battery
Fin can be smaller
one engines is too high (bubbling)
Next time, we measure voltage before and after and perhaps try to estimate the autonomy
Branding, stickers!
Earlier, so we’re not rushed by the sunset
Mosquito spray, swim attire, 🍹


More stable
Thrusters are awesome
Easier to drive
U-turn, 360
Pack quite small

Shopping for parts

We also want to make this next version to be autonomous, so I looked up similarly configured boats.

Reference research

I have been looking for projects that are using similar technology. Here is a selection of interesting videos:

Big battery pack for RC boat

Good inspiration for battery management and Pixhawk configuration

Bathymetric data to map via excel

Arduino + GPS Homemade boat

Low Drag Trimaran



Open Ocean Robotics - great autonomous boats company