CRMs Notion vs AirTable vs Copper + PipeDrive

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What is the best CRM for small businesses in 2024? If your team size is between 1–300, this video will help you choose the right CRM for your team. Choosing a CRM software is one of the most important business software decisions, because a CRM should serve as the foundation to your business operators for decades to come.


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What We Covered:

- Intro

- Why trust us?

- What is a CRM?

- Don't Use Airtable & Notion as a CRM

- folk For Soloprenuers + Small Teams

- Copper & Pipedrive CRM

- CRM Integrations!

- Workflow Automation & Reporting

- Secret 🤫

- Avoid HubSpot and Salesforce

- CRM Bonus Tip!

- Best CRM Software Final Verdict

- Next: Best Project Management

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