Design Futures Immersion half Day



Design Futures

Where are the flying cars? Free energy? Holidays on the moon? The promised future is always postponed, and with an ongoing climate catastrophe, the future we used to want may not make sense anymore. So, what future should we desire and design instead? For half a day you will be designing the future mentored by design experts in the fields of computational architecture, industrial design, fashion and textile, furniture, mixed reality, new materials, and ocean robotics. Using photos of present-day Hong Kong, we will use drawings, Design Thinking, scenarios, collages, and experience prototyping to explore provocative questions such as: what if cities were not built out of concrete, what if we did not buy anything new, what if we made our food, water, and electricity within the city, what if all transportation was self-driving, shared, and powered by renewable energy and what if technologies more advanced than AI, 5G, blockchain, brain-to-brain communication, holograms, were broadly available? How would it all work? What would our cities look like? How would our daily lives change? What would be the role of designers in all these important evolutions? "The best way to predict the future is to invent it" (Alan Kay). Come and experience Design+ with us.


  • #Ocean | Cesar Jung-Harada [Coordinator]
  • #Architecture #Film | Eric Schuldenfrei
  • #Computational Architecture
  • #Biomaterials | Kristof Crolla
  • #Industrial Design #Urban Furniture | Dennis Cheung
  • #Bioplastics #Robotic Fabrication | Lidia Ratoi
  • #Mixed reality | Garvin Goepel




Original β€œBlanks”