DESN9002 Sustainable Leadership Course

DESN9002 Sustainable Leadership Course

Approved Course Planner

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Key Documents

  1. Google drive with all documents
  2. Master document:
  3. Planning Spreadsheet:
  4. Program for print:
  5. Notion Project
  6. Concept board
  7. Menti Link
  8. Slides Day 1: Saturday, September 5th
  9. Slides Day 2: Sunday, September 6th
  10. Slides Day 3: Saturday, October 10th
  11. Slides Day 4: Saturday, November 14th


Cesar Jung-Harada



#Biodiversity: Ray Chu, Lung Fu Shan

#Energy: Christina Tang, Blue Sky

#Waste: Oles Wong, Sustainability Office

#Resilience: Yuki Chan

#Health: Michael Tse

#Inclusion: CEDARS, Equal Opportunity Unity, Melinda, Puja, Linda

Teaching Assistant

Sammie, in Singapore Urban studies, architecture Farm: Blue Sky: Energy use Mosquito net, energy saving Green Peas, social media

Amsterdam, >> Christina Tang


4th-year architecture student Hong Kong, part of many association work, campaign, events projects. Recycling facility ? Sustainable Studio Norway, activism compost Interested Worked as research Assistant Architecture History


Ray Chu

Hello dear Ray Thank you for taking the time to chat today and being willing to take part in this program. Sorry for the bad connection.

My phone / WhatsApp number is +852 9610 7593

1a) Simple self introduction, name, origin, background, role in the organisation. 1b) What are the roles in the Lung Fu Shan team? 2) What is the Lung Fun Shan Center? Why was it created? Why is it a valuable site and project? Why does this work matter? 3) What do you guys do? What do you do on a typical day (as an organisation). What are your long term goals? Your projects? 4) What are the challenges of doing your work? 5) what are the opportunities in doing this work?

  1. Did you ever do projects with students before? How did they go?
  2. What qualifies as a successful project in your eyes?
  3. What is the greatest source of satisfaction for you personally?

Sustainable Leadership Course Dev Spreadsheet


Respond to Lucy Jordan for

ES4L Essential Skills for Leadership

Sustainable Leadership Award

Theory → doing

Boiler plate → personal And purposeful (Sustainability)

Sustainable -> regenerative Individual intelligence -> Collective intelligence Wordpress to Notion -> call IT Review budget


At the beginning, get them to share their top leader


Sustainability in school is LEED certificate

Deepa Gupta, Sheetal Dalal, Chicky Bhavnani: talk about love, parenting, kids leaving the home, loosing one child, raising special needs kids, what parents want for their kids, how to be a role model,

Laurel: talk about rugby, her captain, protest. Intro me to a leader. Could be disgraced professor

XR youth 11y old + old policeman + Zimmerman

Teach them collective intelligence with Notion


Data and science based decision making

Mauro Martino & AI and humanism, art. Controllability,


Zena El Khalil: love in the times of adversity + Bilal

Plum village + Maggie

Oskar Valles + girl + prof domestic helper

Tom Chi + Cesar

Vanessa + refugee

Ian Holliday + Rohingya refugee + Jeffrey Andrews