Automated Oyster Farming Base | 自动化生蚝养殖基地


Problem to address: Right now there are no project which can farm oyster and other species from baby stage to adult stage at the same place with automatic controls. So I want to design a Oyster farming base which has robots to monitor the Oysters and send to farmers information at the first time which can give them more free time to do other works.

Question to address: How can I invite more new generations to consider this project as a new opportunity to break their new ground.

  1. New Technology
  2. Less control time
  3. More efficiency
"Automated Oyster Farming Base" is investigating how to make this industry more automated and to easily control the oyster's bady and adult stage at the same place.


Research Notes

Question-Driven Design

Research & Development

What is it? What does it do?

It is a oyster farming and raising module, which can be prefabricate next to the coast or factory.

What are the questions this work is asking? What new knowledge are you creating?

This work is asking how to raise oyster babies and adult oysters at the same place. I was tried to creat a more convient knowledge way to farm oyster.

How are you going to test your assumptions?

Make another model which has more details inside.

How to maintain your device?

The device will be maintained by specific workers.

What do you think are the strongest and the weakest points in your project now?

The strongest point of this project is: each one of the module can be connect with each other horizontally and creat a oyster farming area. The weakest point is: it will affect some marine creatures' living condition which near the coast.

What construction technique are you using?


User, community

Who uses it? Can you draw a particular user? Can you describe to me that user, how they look, your assumption on their backgrounds, abilities, preferences, and what drives them?

The user will be the local oyster farmers. They will have plenty of experiences to raise the oysters.


What are the benefits users can get from the device?

They can raise different sizes and types of the oysters at the same place.

What problems does your design cause?

The module will cause some bad influence to some marine creatures which live near the coast.

How do you operate and maintain this installation?

Will let the 2-3 oyster farmers to operate one module.

How do people get on board?

By boat.

How much weight can you carry?

Several Tons

How to maximum efficiency and convenience for the user

Fully teach them before they run the module.

Are there simpler ways to achieve the objective?

Inside will create some carts paths to let farmers to look over the oyster babies easily.

Are there other possible use for clean seawater filtered by oysters?

How long will it be in the water?

It can stay in water for a very long time

Health & Safety

Is it stable? Safe? ship survivability?

It will have an ancor to keep it stable and safe on the ocean.

Is the device safe and environmental friendly to the ocean

It will effect some coast marine creatures' living environment.

Materials, process, scale

What is the scale and materials? Where and how is it built? Where do the materials come from? Where do the materials go after it’s used/broken

The scale will be 10 meters by 10 meters, it will be built near the coast or partially in factory, materials will come from the normal factories. It will be recycled after it's broken or used.

What materials would you use? Where do you source it? Once used, where does it go?

Material will be fabric and wood.

is it recyclable


How long does the project take to be complete: build, bring on site and board?

It will take a month to be completed.

How to mass produce the device?

Prefabricate in the factory.

Energy, Wast

Where does the installation get its energy from?

Solar Panels

Is it sustainable and how?

It is net zero, because it fully used the natural to generate the energy.


Is your installation amicable to all marine lives?

Except the marine lives near the coast.

How does it work? Especially the biology of it?

Which other species will naturally be attracted to the oyster reef there, such as crabs, fish, mussels, algae and other species?

Fish, crabs, lobsters, clams, mussels, starfish, algae, scallop...


Where do you think this installation would be? Choose a very specific site in Hong Kong waters. Why there? Tell me the characteristics of the place: water depth, tide, current, wave, closest port, fauna and flora, people and industries nearby.

The installation will be near the Ap Chai Wan seaside. Because, that place is not fully populated by human activities and no industries there. Sea water is 2-5 meters and wave is around 1-2 meters.

Will it be influenced by the weather condition?

It will be influenced by potential huge typhoons.

Does your device perform differently when in different geographic environments(for instance, near shore, in shallow water, and in distant seawater)?

It will only perform in nearshore and shallow water, because it needs to use the anchor to keep it stable on the ocean.


Is it cost-effective?

It will cost around 10K us Dollars

Is it possible to be mass-produced?

Yes, if this project got investment.

What is the product / outcome of this installation? Who benefits from it? What is the business model of this?

Farmers and foctory will get benefits from it.