"For People and Planet, A Global Alliance" Working Group




Dublin Science Gallery Surface Tension, Biology Natural History

Play a new role

Schedule (UK Time)

12:50 Connect ahead of time

13:00 Intro to the sessions

/Stuart Capstick

Unzie, Seeds of good anthropocene

Cesar Jung-Harada

20 minutes discussion with the audience

Cesar Talk (8 minutes)

  1. Protei
  2. Coral Reef mapping robot
  3. Makerbay
  4. Open Hardware
  5. Social R&D
  6. Structure of Scientific Revolution
  7. The role of museum, support innovation
    1. Natural History, speculation

Provocative ideas

  • Not display past ideas
  • Propose ideas for the future
  • Speculation
  • Speculative Design
  • Projection

Munich "Save the bees", in Munich

3/4 of the insects have disappeared from Germany

1.7M signature petition, rule change

Branding of the campaign was clever

No insects on the autobahn

Bee as the hard working insect

Citizen Scientist discovered the decline of insect biomass

We can change everything for Virus - can we change everything for climate?

Run of the Event