Greater Bay Maker Tour (Hong Kong & Shenzhen)


Even if we left Hong Kong about a year ago, I often get asked “what cool maker spaces should I see in Hong Kong / Shenzhen?”. Here you go.

The Hong Kong Maker Mecca: Let the students explore this area.

  1. Sham Shui Po, especially this exact shop: WECL

Grassroots/community based:

  1. MakerBay Foundation:
  2. Making on Loft:
  3. DimSumLab:
  4. MakerHive (Coworking):

HK University:

  1. HKU (Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing) :
  2. HKU Architecture Robotic Fabrication Lab:
  3. MIT Innovation Node: (in HKPC building)


  1. HKPC Makerspace:
  2. HKSTP Robotics Garage:

In Shenzhen, you would want to visit:

  1. Huaqiangbei: |
  2. Chaihuo (Seeed Studio):
  3. TroubleMaker:
  4. And the last one, is the best, but unlikely to be granted access:

If you want to bring your students and learn about the “Hardware Hacker” mindset, you can learn from

  1. MIT Hacking Manufacturing:
  2. Swiss CHIC Programme:

Both, make hands-on prototyping the heart of the trip. Not just being tourists, going there with the goal of making a real-life project in a limited amount of time and budget.

Before going, you should watch:

Enjoy your journey. Warmly, Cesar