HALF of our global economies would be destroyed due to climate change


If someone told you HALF of our global economies would be destroyed due to climate change, would you believe them?

Well, the research doesn’t lie. We're on a collision course, and this is a data-driven reality check.

New research from a group that’s the antithesis of "alarmists"—The British Institute of Actuaries—just dropped a bombshell. They have zero motives to exaggerate.  Their take? We’ve SEVERELY underpriced climate risk.

Recall the 2008 financial crisis? Dubbed a 'Minsky Moment'—a crash where asset values weren't what they seemed. Now, climate change is steering us toward a "Climate Minsky Moment". Assets worldwide are OVERvalued because climate risks aren't properly accounted for.

Scenes we're witnessing—megafires, towns incinerated, Antarctica melting at alarming rates—are events theorized for 2050. Yet, here we are in 2023. Earth’s warning sign: Our current models? Way off.

So our current crises were predicted for 2050. We're living the future.

The craziest part is, we're still relying on economic models see just 2% GDP drop for a 3°C rise. Reality check: we're at around 1.5°C and the toll is massive. Our modeling needs a serious reboot.

In fact, many models assume GDP growth in a “Hothouse Earth” scenario. Widespread crop failures, water scarcity, and town-leveling events somehow lead to growth? The Institute of Actuaries highlights the glaring flaws in such projections.

Historically, civilizations can't bear a 50% GDP loss. The stakes? Our very existence. This isn’t a drill—it’s a clarion call for our age. The real threat of civilizational collapse is closer than we think. Act now, or our future might be history.

Article: Buckle Up. Climate Change Could Destroy Half Our Economies (theissue.io)

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