A water basin that can recycle the domestic water


I designed a water basin that can recycle domestic water for environmentally conscious people and water-scarce areas. Its appearance and usage are the same as ordinary water basins on the market. The difference is that after the water is used, people can open the stopper to let used water flow through the filter system to the container below. The most commonly used materials for filters on the market, PVA non-woven fabric, zeolite, calcium sulfite, and activated carbon, are chosen. Considering the service life of the filter, the filter system is replaceable and sold separately. Also, the basin is equipped with a water quality detector to reduce people's worries about the quality of the filtered water. By measuring the TDS value in the water, the water quality is divided into three use levels- good, middle, and poor, suitable for different purposes. The range of different levels refers to my tests and some research data from the Internet. I hope this product can not only save water resources but also cultivate people's habit of cherishing water and inspire people to realize that we can do more things that are beneficial to the earth just in our daily lives.