Chromatographic Smart Water Detector


In China, many places are currently suffering from poor water quality from agriculture practice and the textile industry that tends to damage the water supply. My design is a water meter. This technology is based on optical fibre light transmission and chromatography to detect water. This device that prototypes can work in this for further research, but the idea is that every citizen would have this device inside of their home. That can be connected with an app. So that everybody can help with a simple with a relatively simple technology to measure, a lot of different factors in the water This technology can measure bacteria and virus-like covid-19, pesticide toxins and different microorganisms. Such a water meter can save many labour costs and make it easier for governments or scientists to collect water data. For example, we currently have data on global epidemics, and then we can use this design to identify potential viruses and quickly control the spread. So this is how this device would work everybody would be you know, having this device in their upload this information to a central repository that would help improve the water quality and the health of everybody in the city.