pH Necklace


Statistics showed 2.1 billion people globally do not have access to safe drinking water, and 3.4 million people die from contaminated water sources. Out of many causes, one aspect that people overlook is the pH of water. According to WHO, extremely acidic or alkaline water can cause eye, skin and stomach irritation, nausea and even heavy metal poisoning. Though we have access to water testing facilities and kits, it may not be the same for people in rural areas.

The pH necklace is a piece of accessory designed for rural villagers to test water easily and instantaneously. To use it, slightly shake the necklace and dip or pour the water into the top chamber. After you see the colour of the water change, compare the colour using the given colour chart.

With this, rural villagers can avoid pH related illnesses as much as possible. A potential scenario is, they share the water information with other rural villages to prevent a greater number of people from getting sick.

Lastly, the pH necklace aims to contribute to UN SDG number 3 and 6, provide an easy method to test water, prevent people from getting ill and lastly give people a “magical” experience with water.

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