RE-WASH is an innovation for the future of waters. A product that lets us reuse laundry water over and over while ensuring its quality on every wash. How is it possible? Let's see.

This invention comprises of water pumps, pipes, two washing tubes that work just like washing machines, a filter, and an outer shell. Clean water flows into one of the washing tubes and washes a set of laundry. Afterwards, the dirty water will be streamed using a pump through the filter into the other tube for another set of laundry. This cycle will happen for a several times until the water becomes inadequate to be re-purified.

The filter is a 3 layered polyether sulfone based ultrafiltration membrane. Using the principle of reverse miosis, the pressured water goes into the filter,Β where it holds back almost all contaminants, including pathogenic organisms, thus letting purer quality water go through. Research shows that this filter has an 88% of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Rejection, so the chemicals become more easily degradable. It also has a 98% of turbidity rejection, which talks about the visual clarity of water. So water discoloration coming from dirt particles and color diffusion from clothing would be reduced into clear water, sufficient for re-usage.

On an end note, this invention will definitely proof to be useful for large residential institution, like student halls and dorms because not only can it reduce a great amount of waste water, it also has a cheaper price point for students to do their laundry.