The Water Drop Bag


Hong Kong created an estimated number of 5.2 million plastic bottle everyday.

And Iā€™m one of those who contributed by buying water from convenience stores. Just because my bag is already too heavy for my laptop and books And I wonder how can I encourage myself to use my own bottle and solve this?

There are four main functions. First there is a removable pocket for cleaning to maintain hygiene

Second a pull out straw comes with the bag for easy drinking

Third large capacity of both the storage of the bag and the water pocket. The bag can even fits a 15inch laptop and other daily items.

Lastly, as the pocket is filled with water , the water earth will become transparent

Three influences is hoped to be made. The clear water earth is symbolising a clear marine environment

Users are hope to develop the sense of environment protection from a daily item. As high technology item seems to be too far away for ordinary people. It is hope to make changes through a more acceptable approach.

Onto the recycle method. As this is a kind of food container, I must use plastic bottles for the remake. And transfer these bottles to certified processors for the production

Lastly, sales. This is the budget plan I worked out from online sources, the estimated cost for one bag is 11 hkd. Referencing to the price of fashion chain stores, the set price for the tote bag is 79HKD which is highly affordable.

And finally as my target audience are the younger generation, I planned to sell it by collaborate and sell the bag in fashion branch stores