Water Worshipping Ritual


Christianity has a ritual of baptism, by immersing in water, symbolizes rebirth and purity. As a Christian, I believe in the values of worshipping. Water is now a sacred source on Earth. I care about the use of water in different places. That's why I think worshipping water is a good way of caring for water and protecting the source of life by acknowledging that water is sacred, I hope to raise the awareness of people so that they understand the importance of preserving water. I ordered a fish tank that can store clean water. And there are candles for the worshipping process as a ritual. The symbol shows the symbol of holy water. And with the filter of water, used water can be recycled. So this is the symbol and the ritual. I wish the ritual can allow people to see water as a religion and understand the importance of water and how sacred water is.


Brian Yiu Chun Ho