Finding Crush

Finding Crush


How connected are you to life under water?

The motivation behind my idea is how Hong Kong people often de associate themselves from the sea and treat it as granted, whilst those who live and survive in the water are risking their lives because of our carelessness and ignorance. About two million tonnes of polluted water, mainly human and livestock waste water as well as some industrial effluents, were being discharged into local waters each day.

The inspiration behind my project is the film: Finding Nemo and Padak. Both films included humanisation of marine life which successfully made people feel greater sympathy for them. Whilst Finding Nemo was a warm emotional film catered for children, Padak on the other hand gave a realistic portrayal of what these sea creatures face on a daily basis. To better achieve my goal, I took inspiration from finding Nemo's emotions and the dark illustration and realism of Padak.

Thus I created my video game named “Finding Crush” inspired by the character Crush from Finding Nemo. I want to take the use of perspective and the adventure aspect of these two films and have the player go through the baby sea turtle’s journey to finding its family. During the game, the sea turtle is alone in the polluted sea and will face challenges alone. Through this game I want to  raise awareness of water pollution by placing the player in the  perspective of sea animals who are the biggest victims of water pollution.

The player will be playing as a young sea turtle who is looking for his missing friend Crush. During its journey, an NPC which is an old turtle will guide you and appear throughout the game to warn the player about upcoming dangers. The sea turtle will have to overcome many obstacles in the game with the main enemies being pollution manifested monsters and the player will lose health if attacked by it. After going through the obstacles, Crush will be found injured by plastic pollution and the player will have to safely bring them back home.

I hope that players will understand how they contribute to disrupting marine life through a first person perspective.

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