Thump Th...ump


Have you ever listened to the ocean's heartbeat?

Heartbeat seems to be exclusive to living entities. But when you consider the sounds of ocean waves from a different angle, you may notice that the sound spectrum of waves is very similar to the ECG. So metaphorically speaking, when you are listening to the sound of the waves, you are actually listening to the ocean's heartbeat.

My project, "Thump Th...ump," was born out of this conception. Considering we are only concerned with what we can feel, I’d like to give you the opportunity to feel the ocean's heartbeat, hoping to inspire you to regard the ocean as a living entity, be more respectful of nature, and protect the ocean. The first "thump" in the project title refers to the ocean's heartbeat, while the second "th...ump" refers to our heartbeat after listening to the heartbeat of the ocean.

Here's how it works. First is the visual part. If you import audios of ocean waves into your computer, the sounds are converted interactively into a sound spectrum with the wave texture based on the wave's decibel level. Along with the visual experience, the sounds of the waves will also be translated into a tactile sensation. A heart-like installation will vibrate when the decibel level reaches the highest value. You may feel it in the same way as feeling the heartbeat of a person. This project falls under the category of inclusive design since it is a multisensory installation that transforms sound into visual and tactile forms. Some persons with hearing or vision impairments may still experience the ocean's heartbeat via their other senses.

Notably, this is not a one-off installation. The sound of waves can be downloaded as a video after visualization. Given that urban dwellers live in the concrete jungle and are more isolated from the ocean, these preserved videos can be utilized as an ocean collection, enriching your memory of seeing the ocean each time. Additionally, this entire experience is not exclusive to you. Natsume Soseki once stated, " 'Tonight's moonlight is beautiful' is the ultimate romantic way of confessing love." Likewise, "I want to share the ocean with you" is a poetic approach to convey affection to friends and lovers. By sending the heartbeat of the waves to others via videos or postcards, you can not only demonstrate your love but also encourage people to have a new perspective on the ocean.