Incheon International Digital Arts Festival 2010




Title: Incheon International Digital Art Festival 2010’, Editor: Ryu Byoung-Hak, Published by: Nabi Press, Seoul, 2010

Incheon International Digital Art Festival 2010 – Period : September 1 – 30, 2010 – Venue : Tomorrow City, Songdo, Incheon

The festival will present new aesthetics of digital media art from cutting-edge international and Korean digital artists. There will be digital arts competitions, conferences, exhibitions, interactive displays etc.

General Director : Soh Yeoung Roh Curators : Dooeun Choi - Zhang Ga - Suhjung Hur - Yukiko Shikata - Pilung Kang Jeongwon Chae - Ryu Byoung-Hak

[Theme of 2010]

Mobile Vision : Unbounded Aesthetics [Introduction of INDAF] Incheon International Digital Art Festival started in 2009 with inauguration of the Songdo, the first international city in Korea. Nested in the city of innovation and sustainable design, INDAF aims to become a platform for new creativities at the nexus of art, technology and society.

[Festival Program]

Mobile Art BLUR WAVE Tomorrow Public Art Nine Scenery Sense Senses Tomorrow School International Conference and Workshop


The work was co-produced by Random Walk, Sey Min.

β€œFormed and founded by Sey Min in 2008, the five-person team seamlessly connects the social and urban spheres through the combination of media art, design and technology. As each contributing member equally shares his or her own perspective, expertise and experience, Random Walks specializes in reframing the way we understand the effect of our actions on our immediate environments, and our social realities.”