Learning by design, calling for proposals



The Brief

The people briefed 🙂  LOL! Too funny!


Co-owning Program AND Implement


  • Students: For each project at least 50 students
  • Time: Jan - Sep 2023
  • Target: Educators + Students
  • Deadline: Oct 18
  • Money: Jan 2023
  • One proposal per team for one school or more - but with same budget.

What qualifies: 30,000 SGD, a maximum of 75% of the cost

  • Project design cost
  • Equipment rental
  • Software cost

Support Manpower

  • Maximum 15% of the qualifying cost


  1. You must be registered


  1. 30% Problem, project objectives
  2. 30% Project Impact
  3. 20% Project Design
  4. 10% Track Record
  5. 10% Profile

Be clear about Input, output, outcome, impact

Impact - what tools will we use to measure of success, it’ll be assessed how we impact educators too.

Consider student’s buy-in and motivation

How can the impact be sustained, knowledge transfer

Can we work with more than one school?

Yes, but one Team can only make one proposal. Prove that your impact will not be diluted. One award per school

Yes we can but a single overarching problem statement. And only 1 award (max $30k given).

I’ve got an idea: Why not we put a proposal up for what I think is going to be a “least preferred” option for our glitzy vendors? This one: Provide design consultancy in school improvement in various school processes such as envisioning for renewed strategic plans, stakeholders engagement (students, educators and parents) and culture building amongst staff to better support student learning. DT could be the user-centric approach to redesigning school facilities such as the school library or school canteen to enhance engagement and traffic flow.

This way, we can work with BOTH Yusof Ishak Sec (in Punggol) and Serangoon Garden Sec. We could start with providing consultancy for the teachers. We could let Neo Aeronautics lead the way (since they had contacted Yusof Ishak first) for DT for Student Enrichment Programme with Yusof Ishak Sec - for now at least. We could observe and reflect on how they do things. But we could submit a proposal for the Staff Development - train-the-trainer model, focusing on building the teachers’ creative confidence and critical competence to provide support for their students. We could do this with Serangoon Garden - “pay ourselves” for the consultancy. but use the school’s internal budget to fund the resources needed for their students’ projects. The sample budget shows that we could quote $10k and above just for consultancy. Let’s put something together for the 18 Oct dateline. We could give it a try. If we get it, GREAT. If not, no biggie!

Complaining into innovation

Cardboard prototypes




@Untitled : Spending time in the outdoors → That can be one of the benefits of our proposal

  • Care Economy
  • Digital Economy
  • Green Economy

With Nadya, we started to have a very good conversation “How to make SIT part of Punggol community?” and really “contribute, and be anchored in the territory” talking about outdoor activities with local schools…. 😍



More about Punggol… SIT commissioned these engagements and this publication:


The deadline is in a month from now and we do not have any school partner/s. At the event, there were many more vendors than schools. It seems a little late to co-create. Also, the budget is small. 30,000 SGD for a Jan-Sep 2023 project. It could be good to pilot a concept, and possibly secure further larger funding, but this is not a big project, more a pilot.

I see this as a good opportunity to pilot a small project in Punggol with a school we want to work with.

A possible approach:


20220916 email from Nadya

Hi Cesar,

Nah, not this one. I see that this one is heavily focused on STEM-related projects. But an associate faculty who is a creative technologist (and only engages on projects for social good) shared this link with me: https://www.sg/oursingaporefund

Let's put something together, shall we, Cesar? A pilot project that we can implement with a partner school. As a start to building something in Punggol.

I do have lots of ideas for "projects". I met


and they're keen to collaborate. Maybe one of these days, we'll sit down and chat? Although, I'm not sure if you'll have the bandwidth. You may be inundated with so many other projects.


Kind regards,Nadya

From: SIT Grant <grant@singaporetech.edu.sg>Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2022 11:18To: Academic-Staff <Academic-Staff@Singaporetech.edu.sg>Cc: APPLIED RESEARCH OFFICE <DL_ARO@singaporetech.edu.sg>; INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER <ITT_DL@singaporetech.edu.sg>Subject: 3/2022 Ignition Grant (STEM) Call - Sep 2022

Dear Academic Staff and colleagues,We are pleased to inform that the 3/2022 Ignition Grant (STEM) Call is now open for application. The application will be done through the Grant Management System (GMS), please click here to apply (require VPN to access).


Please note that only Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-related projects are eligible to be funded under Ignition Grant (STEM).

The key details of the Ignition Grant (STEM) are as follow:

Grant amount

Up to $150,000


Up to 2 years


The grant is open to all SIT Academic Staff as Principal Investigator (PI).

The PI and Co-Principal Investigator(s) (Co-PIs) are required to be a full-time staff of SIT, defined as holding appointment and performing duties at SIT for a minimum of 9 months in a year.

Proposal writing period

15 September 2022 – 14 October 2022

Please submit your proposal by 14 October 2022, 12 noon via the GMS. The submission would need CD / HOD’s endorsement, as such, please factor sufficient time for them to endorse (e.g., 2-3 days).

Industry Contribution

Minimally 30% of the requested grant amount in cash and / or in-kind contribution.

Application Documents can be found here.


The outcome of the evaluation is expected to be announced early January 2023.

For queries, please contact SIT Grant <grant@singaporetech.edu.sg>.