“Learning by Doing” Maker Education at The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad Primary School, with EDiversity


The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad Primary School n2 | 基督教聖約教會堅樂小學

Address: 77 Sau Ming Road, Sau Mau Ping, Kwun Tong, Kowloon Phone: 27574566 Email:mcchgps@hgps.edu.hk Website: http://www.hgps.edu.hk

What is the project about?

Learning By Doing Academy (LBD) is an innovative education program funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club. In this 3 years program,  it includes teachers training and curriculum design. Both teachers and students experience a new way of teaching and learning, in which students to go out of classroom to experience, practice empathy and then came up with ideas of what projects they would love to do. Students not only learn about maker skills (such as woodwork, sewing, 3D printing etc.), but also project management, collaboration, communication skills and gain creative confidence

Year 1 : Leading Classes

Kids in groups using strawbees to learn geometry and construct a dome.

Year 2 : Co-teaching

A treasure hunt for tree. Childrens have to identify the trees in the school garden and collect their leaves for the art jamming session. At the end, some of them were invited to present their own piece of work to others.

Year 3 : Give Advice & Support

Using fruit to play music with Makey Makey. Also testing on other materials such as aluminium foil, lego and leaves.

Maria Li Lok Yee Pictures

All credits for the images go to Maria Li, Lok Yee. All the photos and text come from https://www.marialilokyee.com/lbd

Great thanks to our partner Ediversity, the Soso NGO, and of course the teaching team of the

Our school was part of the UNESCO “Happy Schools!” program


Project Overview (by Ediversity) This project involves the transformation of a local public primary school into one that offers students sustained, intra-curricula “learning by doing” experience, and teachers optimal “learning by doing” training. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. We can’t rely on teachers alone to educate. What we are facing is an urgent need to have a holistic approach to help our children develop their talents to the full and grow positively in the public schools, especially primary schools, in HK, which have been overwhelmingly driven towards learning for exams. This project aims to change culture at a whole school level, equipping school stakeholders with the necessary mindset and skills to uphold education as a whole person development process, and work together, at school and off school for the children’s greatest benefit. By building a supportive school environment that puts people instead of grades first, we hope to fortify teachers’ conviction to continue to teach by fully utilizing their knowledge and creativity during their teaching career, and become tomorrow’s leaders in education.


  • 21st century citizens need global perspective, creativity, soft skills, positive attributes and values. Whole-person development is more important than ever, but the current exam-oriented education and assessment culture is an obstacle to fully develop our students and our teachers’ professionalism.
  • The high pressure of learning is taking toll in our young population. “Learning by doing” offers another approach for them to acquire knowledge and skills, and enables students of different abilities to build confidence through contributing in real, collaborative projects. Key Features for the Programme:
  • Teachers Training Lab: With general to concentrated, practical and experience sharing elements, done in a whole school and whole community approach for a sustainable shift in education culture.
  • 4 interconnected, experiential learning elements: Theme-based projects featuring learning elements of Making, Reading, Designing and Playingfor students to develop knowledge & skills, attributes and values.
  • Creating an environment for authentic learning and teaching: open scheduling and theme-based learning in all afternoon sessions within school hours, with the pursuit of whole-person development as the paramount aim.
  • Partnering with a Finnish primary school to provide global perspective for teachers and students.

Project Vision, Mission and Goals:


To empower schools with “learning by doing” mind and skill sets to offer fruitful learning and growing experience to their students, teachers, parents, school administrators and volunteers.

Project Mission:

  1. To provide a much-needed diversity in local education to meet the diverse needs of students.
  2. To create an environment for authentic teaching and learning for all school stakeholders.

Project Goals:

  1. To be a centre for training “learning by doing” qualified teachers and personnel.
  2. To implement ‘learning by doing’ and supporting programmes to ensure students’ learning are in line with equipping them to be 21 century citizens. Their learning will be supported by assessment of whole-person development rather than narrowly focusing on a few core subjects.
  3. To run parents education programme and involve parents in various education programmes and activities at the same time, to promote genuine home-school cooperation.
  4. Record and publicize our progress with an aim to influence.
  5. To make it a replicable model for other schools to adopt, and contemplates to create a sustainable social enterprise out of this project, providing “School Transformation” by EDiversity as a service.
  6. Qualitative research about “learning by doing” through the documentation of the process of “learning by doing” and whole-person evaluation, plus a possibility of working with HKU Faculty of Education’s new Education Neuroscience Lab.