“Mangrove Conservatory” in SIT Punggol, supported by The Foundation of Rotary Clubs


Innovative solutions for a sustainable future are taking root at Punggol! We’re launching a Mangrove Conservatory aimed at addressing climate change through mangrove conservation and the development of mangrove strains for the region.

Made possible by the generous support of the Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore, the Mangrove Conservatory will serve as an integrated platform for community outreach, education, and applied research in mangrove conservation.

Located in JTC Corporation's Punggol Digital District, the Conservatory, which will be next to our new Punggol Campus and the upcoming Punggol Coast MRT station, will be easily accessible to the public who are exploring the Punggol Heritage Trail. Visitors will have the opportunity to gain firsthand insights into Singapore’s ecological heritage and the importance of mangrove ecosystems.

SIT's A/Prof Cesar Jung-Harada highlights the important role that mangroves play in protecting Singapore’s shores, increasing biodiversity and sequestering carbon. “The Mangrove Conservatory will be very special, as it will help to simulate Singapore’s climate in controlled environments, and with our public outreach and education efforts, we can raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection in a very tangible way.”

Mr Ghim Bok Chew, Board of Directors, Rotary International, and 2024 Rotary International Convention Head of Organising Committee Chair, said, “With the drive of Singapore Green Plan 2030 and Rotary International’s seventh area of focus, Protecting the Environment, the timing cannot be better than now. For Rotarians, who are People of Action, the establishment of a mangrove conservation facility at SIT is a huge opportunity for us to make a lasting impact on the world and community around us.”

This Conservatory is the first of our "10 Acts for Good", where we celebrate SIT's 10th anniversary as an Autonomous University by doing good and giving back in meaningful, impactful ways. Look out for more acts for good, coming up!


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