Mars 2025: The Paradigm Project


An investigation into the adaptation of scientific exploration methods and paradigms from Earth to Mars, and a speculation on how scientific research can be streamlined on Mars.

The arrival of the first scientists on the Red Planet has led humanity into a new golden age. The expedition into the uncharted territories and terrains of Mars will uncover secrets that have the potential of changing the foundations of our society and the knowledge that we know today.

But, how will we explore Mars? Can exploration methods used on Earth be applied when exploring Mars? How can we further accelerate scientific exploration on Mars to enhance our quality of life? Many of these questions are still unanswered, but this project hopes to speculate and tackle these issues, and create an integrated solution which comes in the form of a wearable device that can be used for everyday purposes for scientists and explorers, who are the frontiers of science.

The proposed solution to this is a device that comes in the form of a gauntlet, with two different components: the glove; and the monitors. The first component, the gloves, are separated internally and externally. Internally, the gloves act as a regulator for your body, monitoring your health vitals to ensure that the body is safe and intact, and alerts the user when the harsh Martian environment affects the user. Externally, the glove acts as a ‘portable science lab’ for the user, using the different micro sensors on the surface of the glove to quickly analyse foreign martian objects found while exploring Mars. The monitors provide real-time information to the user by analysing the results collected by the glove, and comparing the results to scientific databases available and developed on earth, giving the user a highly accurate result without the need of returning to a mobile laboratory.

This product will act as a pioneer in the realm of science, through informing scientists about accurate information about foreign Martian objects, helping them make quick and efficient decisions under the harsh Martian environments, and to minimise the exploitation and damage we are causing the planet.

It’s time to revolutionise science and break out of the confinements of a laboratory. It's time to break down the borders that limit research and exploration. It’s time for change. The future is now.