Mars 2040: SmartDust, Healthcare Reimagined


Background In the 2040s, we envision a context where the boundaries of technology have been pushed and resulted in cutting edge technology being implemented for the “greater good”. It is also during this period we imagine that the restriction of ethically questionable corporations will be derestricted and able for government use. The highly anticipated SmartDust enables viewers to examine the blend of healthcare problems and technology while positioning itself as a product that encourages critical thinking.

How does it work? MEMs (micro-electromagnetic) technology is still speculative for its incredibly groundbreaking implications given its miniature-in-size and analytical components in tracking real-time effects of intrinsic changes in the human body. The intention of SmartDust is to seamlessly penetrate the human skin.

Imagine a world where mandatory health check-ups issued by the government included entering a room and coming back out in fifteen seconds, providing you a service that no human doctor could provide. Imagine in the span of 15 seconds, your health, internal organs and cardiovascular system could be detected for potential life-threatening diseases? Imagine receiving a report of real-time changes every time you were exposed to dust-like particles that had immense power to monitor and track your internal organs? Imagine, if that concept developed further and became integrated in the streets you walked on -- tracking your health and every move without your knowledge.

We believe that designing a corporation and its respective marketing material serves as food for thought. We imagine SmartDust to be utilized in a manner for government purposes and integrated to the routine of health checkups. Therefore, we have produced a marketing brochure to illustrate the widespread use of SmartDust on Mars and its consequences of human development on Mars.


Further implications Our product stands as food for thought given the rate of technological development throughout Space exploration and technology integration in mankind’s day-to-day life. We hope that to be presented with SmartDust, a highly intrusive yet seamless and inconspicuous product aimed at mitigating health-related issues, will allow viewers to question critically examine what kind of implications a highly advanced technological society will have, especially when considering power and authority in governments have been a source of public distrust.