Mars 2023: "Aromatic Atomic 3D Printer Earring"


It is said that “recognition influences behavior”. As human beings with emotions, our mental reactions can affect our physical actions and thus lead to different results. Apart from personal control of our spirits, aromas are able to adjust our moods. Hence, I design an aromatic atomic printer earring.

It consists of two solar power panels, a storage battery, a heart rate monitor chip, a spring, six PET atom containers and a reactor. When the LED green gleam inside the chip penetrates the earlobe, the reflection from the blood can indicate the heart rate. The built-in program will detect the emotion and recommend a fragrance. Then the gates of atom containers will open letting the atoms enter the reactor. The printer nozzle will form the fragrance molecules. After that they will be released. The astronaut takes into the odor and adapts to the best mental status to continue the Martian mission. Meanwhile, the earring can identify the molecular formula of new odors and copy it. Hence, all the earring owners can share multiple fragrances.

However, it can merely offer partial experience associated with memories. It can never substitute the enjoyment of having real goodies or meeting beloved ones.

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