Mars 2060: "MARSIFY"


2060 is the year where humans have already colonized Mars. Statistics show more than 1,000,000 humans are living on Mars. Some humans are born on Mars and some of them took rockets from Earth to Mars. The people from the Earth had a hard time adapting to the atmosphere on Mars. The weather is different, with less oxygen and a higher level of radiation. As we grow our society on Mars, we cannot expect spacesuits for everybody, given our limited capacity. However, we need to go outside of our colonies. The same way we have studied, explored, and ventured around Earth, we want to do the same thing for Mars. For millions of years, we have adapted to life on Earth. Now that we are living on Mars, it is beneficial to adapt it to its environment as well. Unfortunately, since we do not possess the time needed to naturally evolve, we must take matters into our own hands. Therefore, we have created Marsify, the first body augmentations designed for Mars.

Marsify is a set of devices that aids and enhances the way humans do things on Mars. Our first product is an audio enhancement device that provides three main functions: Physical dust protection, integrated warning system, and wireless communication. Since Martian soil is extremely toxic due to high concentrations of perchlorate compounds containing chlorine, it is dangerous for humans if they get such dust through the air. However, now that we possess such a platform, we also can enhance our natural capabilities. The Marsify audio enhancement could be able to detect the surroundings like high radiation. The device will give out warnings when needed. Lastly, it has wireless communication called social mode. Social Mode passes outside external sound into Marsify audio enhancement so that they can hear conversations, without ever having to take the device off the head.

Following the same lines of enhancement, the second product is a dexterity enhancement augmentation designed for Mars which would provide humans with an extra finger. On Earth, having six fingers is unusual, where people consider it a defect. However, a sixth figure offers much greater flexibility and dexterity for the user, which is beneficial for research or exploration purposes. Our word was designed with five fingers in mind, but the addition of a sixth finger can enable us to perform tasks that we now require two hands to do, allowing us to do much more with our abilities.

The future for this project, as we imagine is a suite of different products that can seamlessly integrate into our senses and utilize technology to enhance them. Because if we want to survive on Mars, we must learn to adapt to the environment. Since we don't have millions of years to wait for evolution to work naturally, we need to take matters into our own hands.