Noe Fuentes, Xavier Leroux, Philippines


Dear Noe, Dear Xavier, Very nice meeting today.

Dear Maribel, thank you so much for the introduction. These are some notes from our meeting.

Format proposed Conference Keynote Workshop Expo

Timeline Program until 2025 Best times:

  • Sep: Cesar not available. *** Oct 21 - Nov 5, 2023: That's the best window to work together
  • Nov. Cesar not available.

Cesar shared documents I shared:

There is a wrong way to build artificial reefs

Designing from the marine life perspective

I've been wanting to collaborate with

Proposition pt 1: In La Union, San Juan, Emerging Island. 1 week Residency at Emerging Island, in San Juan. Working with villagers about floating cities from the perspective of marine life. Work moslty on the beach with natural materials.

pt 2: in Manilla, Mind Museum. 2 days workshops, talk, exhibition, photos, film projection From La Union, drive a truck down to Manilla with the architecture model to the Mind Museum. At the Mind Museum, continue the suspended installation with the youth and local people. Imagine stories of a floating city from the perspective marine life.

Focus: Coral Reef Focus: Disaster Management

I need to have a chat with Emerging Islands and my wife :)

Warm regards,