One day boat building activity [Video]


Today, Saturday Sep 23, 2023, we had a good day at the ArtScience Museum.

This is part of my ArtScientist in Residence at the ArtScience Museum.


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Photos by Gillian Goh, Honor Harger, Cesar Jung-Harada

Big thanks to

  1. Gillian Goh for curating and facilitating today!
  2. Joshua Lau for curating and facilitating today!
  3. Emma Lee for curating
  4. Adrian George for curating
  5. Honor Harger for curating
  6. Tetsuo Harada - my father for lining up everything, coming all the way from France
  7. Aster Jung-Harada - my son for helping everyone
  8. Abbie Jung-Harada and Maricel for your hands-on help and for keeping us hydrated and fed
  9. And for all the amazing volunteers and workshop participants.

It was so much fun. Thank you!


I also want to thank Geodesic Boats for inspiration!

Photo: Peter Jones ©1987