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  • morePR076/16 2 September 2016

MTR Corporation Funds Five Projects to Ease the Transition from Education to Work for Young People

MTR Corporation is delighted to announce the funding of five projects to enable young people to explore multiple pathways to employment. The funded projects were created through an open innovation process and were selected with input from the public via a voting campaign that was held between 15 July and 28 July 2016. “It has been a truly rewarding experience to work with many stakeholders committed to supporting young people in exploring their career and life options. Easing the transition from school to work require collaboration across sectors. The Corporation is proud to be contributing to this collective effort by piloting solutions that have been created and chosen by the community. Together we can make the journey from education to work more rewarding for the youth of Hong Kong,” says Ms Linda So, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation.

The five funded projects covers a range of areas that aligns with the Corporation’s goal of empowering young people so that they have the skills, knowledge, perspectives and opportunities to create bright futures for themselves and their communities:  Breakthrough will launch a “Trial-and-Error Experimental Lab for Youth” for young innovators -- crafters, artists, media producers and social inventors -- to develop their products, refine their skills and leap from amateurs to professionals.  Teach4HK will expand their “Let's TEACH for Hong Kong!” programme that cultivates future education talents by enlisting university graduates to teach underprivileged students in six schools.  The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF will launch “The UNICEF HK Innovative Partnership” to enhance employability and creativity through partnering young people with corporates to develop projects that address the needs of children.  The Women’s Foundation will expand their “Girls Go Tech: Creating the Next Generation of Thinkers and Innovators” to broaden future career prospects for underprivileged students by encouraging them to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education.  MakerBay will launch an “Impact Inventor - Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme” to foster young people’s entrepreneurial spirit through the strengthening of technical skills and business planning to address social and environmental issues.

As part of Youth Connect, the Corporation rolled out the “Pathways to Employment Challenge” earlier this year. During this social innovation journey, diverse ideas and knowledge contributed to the understanding of the challenges that young people face and resulted in the submission of creative ideas that aimed at boosting soft skills, enhancing workplace readiness, engaging young people’s influencers, enabling youth to discover their interests, and accessing emerging sectors. Through implementing a diverse range of solutions, the Corporation aims to contribute to the development of human capital in Hong Kong. Details of the funded projects are available at: http://www.mtryouthconnect.com/en/.

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