Prepare to teach the Sustainability Course


100% asynchronous

Support from Co-Lead for Video only

We still need to come out with assignments

All working adults, 9-5 job

CSM: Competency-based Stackable Micro-Credential

3-6 units



Suggested structure

  • 33 h video
  • 17 h can include formative and summative
  • 50 h Lab session


Online asynchronous: LMS

Online synchronous: Zoom, scheduled slot



Learning outcomes


Drag and Drop



in the text, there is voiceover under the slides


Lab session can be used to play the game

1 module, 12 weeks

Lab Sheet

4 points per lead

3 weeks



MUST Provide information

How many videos will we develop?

March 1 receive all PowerPoint files? 180 short videos


What will you be doing in the industry

Target to finish the videos end of June

Than we have some time to work on assessment .

Try to finish everything by July


Environmental Consultant





Food production



Follow up with the team

Hello dear all,

Today we had a meeting with COLEAD and the other module leads to discuss how we are going to deliver this whole course asynchronous (pre-recorded videos). We had more precision about the course goal and format, especially when it comes to videos.

Just to remind you the essential information for the Sustainability Minor CSM (Competency-based Stackable Micro-Credential):

  • Each Micro-Credential is 18 CR
  • 150 hours of learning content
  • Learning content can include but is not limited to: 1) reading materials, 2) LMS quizzes, 3) assessments (synchronous/Face to face), 4) assignments (synchronous/Face to face), 5) Lab Session


The suggested breakdown by Colead could be :

  • 33 hours, videos, interactive micro-module and reading materials
  • 17 hours Assessment / LMS quizzes, Assignment
  • 50 hours of Lab Session → but this is only a suggestion, each module can be done in a different way.


It is key that what we teach is directly helping the students to deliver what would be expected from them in the workplace. Just to give you a few examples:

  1. Food Industry: How changing some ingredients would change the carbon footprint and price of a meal and the restaurant’s operations.
  2. Aviation: how changing an aeroplane technology would impact the carbon footprint and price of a flight and the airline’s operations.
  3. Accountancy and finance: how changing one aspect of operation could make a business ESG compliant, and give access to new financing.

For each of these: what are the concepts they need to understand? What do they need to research? What information do they need to present to make a compelling argument to leadership to go more sustainable?

At the end of this week- at the same time as you “hand-in” the module description, CO-LEAD wants to know how many videos do you want to have produced to start asking SIT vendors for quotes. As a rule of thumb, COLEAD suggests that for each week of study, the students would have access to 3 videos of 10 minutes each. Please reply by the end of the week how many videos you would like to have and roughly what you would want to cover in that video - just a working title would be enough at this stage.


Sorry for this long message, but there we are: running! This is a rough timeline for the Minor

  1. Jan 20: Module course description + numbers of videos for Colead.
  2. Monthly meeting
  3. March end: have all the powerpoints / slide ready for the vendor to re-work
  4. June: Having filmed all the videos
  5. July: all the materials are ready and we have a few weeks for the teachers to work on the assignment and assessment tasks