"Protei" at Disruptive Matter, K11 Shenyang


Exhibition: Disruptive Matter

Curator: Anouchka van Driel Producer: Adrian Cheng Artistic Director: May Xue

Participating Artists & Designers:

本土创造 BENTU (CN), 原田実 Cesar Jung-Harada (FR/JP), Charles & Ray Eames (US), 邓绮云 DENG Qiyun (CN), Don't Follow the Wind (JP, IT, US), DRIFT (NL), Formafantasma (IT, NL), Grown.bio (NL), 黄强 HUANG Qiang (CN), 梁彦恺 LIANG Yankai (CN), 连联设计 集团 Neuni Group (CN), Next Nature Network (NL), 再造衣银行 Reclothing Bank (CN),

Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen (UK), Richard Buckminster Fuller (US), Studio Florian and Christine (US/DE), The Ocean Cleanup (NL), 李明亮 Victor Li (CN)

Exhibition Date & Location:

2020.7.17 - 11.8 chi K11 art space 4th Floor, Shenyang K11 Art Mall

chi K11 art space Shenyang is pleased to announce the opening of its new exhibition, Disruptive Matter, on show from July 17 until November 8, 2020, from the perspective of art and design to explore the state of our environment and activate change for a better future. The exhibition, which was previously presented in Hong Kong, will take on a new larger form by bringing together over sixty design innovations from China and beyond to delve into our changing world, propel new ideas and accelerate solutions towards a sustainable future. Dutch curator, Anouchka van Driel, invited world renowned disruptors including DRIFT, 本土创造 BENTU, Neuni Group and Formafantasma to name but a few, to showcase their latest creations in the fight against climate change.

Disruptive Matter brings together as a world premiere, a wide range of international projects, products, artworks and ideas from the areas of design, engineering, art and industry. The works created by pioneers from all over the world aims to question and to push the boundaries in their fields. What is presented is a visionary future not just of possibility and speculation, but of actual actions and real, workable solutions. In doing so, the exhibition ultimately serves as a platform for the public to rethink the state of the world around us, and on how contemporary artists and designers can inspire and provide solutions towards a more sustainable way of living.

DENG Qiyun, Graft Multiples, 2013-Present. Image courtesy of DENG Qiyun

The exhibition is divided into 5 chapters - Preface, Substance, Scale, Ubiquity and Next. Disruptive Matter takes visitors along a journey across time and space, starting with Preface, an historical perspective surrounding environmental concerns including works by legendary design duo Charles & Ray Eames and Richard Buckminster Fuller along with new perspectives from DRIFT, Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen and Formafantasma. The following chapter, Substance, brings a selection of applications of renewable materials in China, highlighted by works from Neuni Group, BENTU, Studio Florian and Christine, LIANG Yankai, Victor Li and Grown.bio. The question of Scale is explored next in projects from HUANG Qiang and Next Nature Network. In Ubiquity, the revolution of biomaterials in the plastics industry is explored through projects by DENG Qiyun and ZHANG Na. Ultimately the final chapter, Next, presents visions for a sustainable future by Cesar Jung Harada, Don’t Follow the Wind and Boyan Slat to replenish our relationship with the natural world and offer new models for a better tomorrow.

The exhibition is accompanied by hands-on workshops, in which visitors participate in the artistic creation of a future renewable world together with designers and artists like Neuni Group’s founder Lyla Wu among others. An interactive online talk will coincide with the exhibition, date to be announced at a later stage. By stressing the significance of environmentally-informed design decisions, the Disruptive Matter programme also invites creative powerhouses to consider their roles in the world’s transition to a circular economy.

Anouchka van Driel, Curator Disruptive Matter

" What if we could build a world that uses things wisely, rather than that makes things obsolete? In nature there is no waste. Everything is a so


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