“Protei: Open Source Sailing Drone” Handbook


"Protei_006 Handbook", Cesar Minoru Harada, Qiuyang Zhou, Sebastian Müllauer, François de la Taste, Logan Williams, Gabriella Levine, Piem Wirtz, Roberto J. Meléndez, Peter Keen, Etienne Gernez, Fiona Crabbie, By Open_Sailing, Amorphica, randomwalks, Produced by V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Technical manual on how to build shape-shifting sailing robots. ISBN 978-1-105-01895-4

The Protei006 documentation was a landmark of the project as a large, self-powered robot built by a large group of people with extended capabilities. Thanks to V2 _ The Institute for the Unstable Media for making it possible.


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Protei is a shape-shifting sailing robot that is wind-powered. Originally developed to clean oil spills, the soft hull technology can be applied to many other marine applications. Protei is an open hardware project developed by an international community of makers, coordinated by Cesar Jung-Harada.

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