Protei open source sailing drones: A platform for education in ocean exploration and conservation





  1. Etienne Gernez, Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
  2. Cesar Jung-Harada, The University of Hong Kong
  3. Rik Bootsman
  4. Zenon Chaczko, University of Technology Sydney
  5. Gabriella Levine
  6. Peter Keen, University of Southampton


The Open-H2O community is developing ocean technology with the aim of co-designing the technology; licensing under the Open Source Software and Hardware protocols; and gathering ocean data from its different technology users and developers. Protei is a fleet of autonomous, shape-shifting, sailing vessels for ocean exploration and conservation, created by the Open-H2O community. This paper presents the tools and learning environments used during the development of Protei, and the opportunities created in terms of education and engagement of the Public, Scientific and Industrial sectors. Three case studies are presented, concluding with the challenges and education perspectives lying in the growth of the Open-H2O community.