Quote: “Resistance is a form of healthy anger” Gabor Maté


Gabor Mate. "Resistance is a form of healthy anger. This is "no you will not do this to me." Furthermore resistance on a politcal level is breaking out of the individualistic isolated mindset that capitalism imposes on people. And resistance and activism are saying "I'm not suffering alone. My suffering is part of a larger suffering and to break out it, I have to join with other human beings". And if you look how human beings evolved, it was an individualistic, isolated competitive creatures against one and another, but as communal creatures. [...] And activism restores that communalism to belong to something greater, which immediately gives you more meaning in life. [...] I certainly saw the emotional liberation of having a just cause, and of belonging to something to something other than just my little social circle. Those are very healthy dynamics."

Yanis Varoufakis. "That is why I participate in politics. Because it gives me joy. I know we are not going to win. I have zero belief that we are going to win."

Yanis Varoufakis. The trick for being joyous, is to see the whole of humanity as one magma to which you belong. And to be able to see the successes of anyone, however far away, and however different they may look to you, or sound from you. I think that's the key to genuine happiness.