HK Homeland


Log Book

Day 1

We started off with ice breakers and then had an art workshop, we worked on each art piece for 5 - 10 minutes and then reflected on what we liked about each other's work.

Day 2

Meeting up at Cesar's workspace - Maker Bay headquarters in Tsuen Wan, we learnt more about Cesar's previous projects and past experiences as well as his current project. We then travelled to Kay's studio in Jordan, she talked about her achivements and her work. When we returned to the HKU campus, we wrote down something we found immoral in today's society and worked on symbolising it.

Day 3

We split in groups depending on the issue we were focusing on and brainstormed how best to tackle the problem. We did this by splitting up the issue into sections and picking one to focus on, we then swapped issues with another person in the program and coming up with 4 ideas to help solve their problem. Taking our peer's feedback, each group started to research and design their own products.

Day 4

We finalised our design by sketching out the tent frame and the materials we would use. By attending a peace lab conferance we learnt about some of the challenges homeless people face such as theft, mice/rats and people setting fire to homeless people. Becuase we're now aware of these problems, we changed the design of the tent to accomodate them as much as we can.

Day 5

Morning workshop: speaker about product design/art

Finishing the low resolution prototype using a wooden frame as well as covering the frame with old bedsheet to subsitute canvas and water resistant material to subsitute tarp. We covered the bottom of the tent with a yoga mat to find out how comfortable it would be for a homeless person. We simulated how the tent would collapes by drilling a hinge between two pieces of wood.

Day 6

Today we are going to collect the supplies to make our final high resolution product. We bought:

  • Tarp from Mong Kok
  • Duct Tape
  • Velcro
  • Cardboard

We also thought about how our long term plan would go and started looking at possible locations.

Day 7

  • Morning workshop: speaker about AI design
  • Made a smaller scale prototype of tent
  • Changed design to make it more portable by turning it into a backpack
  • Started to mark the tarp
  • Cut the tarp

Day 8

  • Morning workshop: watched 4 videos about photography
  • Finished marking the tarp
  • Finished marking and cutting the fishing wire
  • Started stiching it together
  • Made 45deg joint for the tent as it wasn't avaliable in the store
  • Started to think about the interior of the long term plan

Day 9

  • Morning workshop: photoshop and websites by Cesar
  • Finish making pockets for the poles to go through in the tent
  • Finalise long term plan design and prepare to do 3D modeling
  • Present our project to classmates and get feedback

Day 10

  • Morning workshop: Exibition example by Kay
  • Finish Tent
  • Begin redo tent
  • String frame together

Day 11

  • Clean room
  • Move tables
  • Talk from the Head of Architecture