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Rohingya Children


Insight Statement

Kids need to learn to use the toilet in a fun and creative way.

Ideas Sketches

Handed 2020/09/25

Ask what kids like about each design, what they dislike. Check videos of kids using potties. Potty training educational videos...

You need to prototype the experience. That's key.

Islam symbols - Colour

These four Pan-Arab colours, white, black, green and red, dominate the flags of Arab states. The colour brown is often believed to symbolize purity and peace. Many Muslims wear the colour white when they attend Friday prayers.



eat,poo, compost, grow

Muslim Potty Training / Toilet Etiquette


1. When going to the toilet, do not touch the private parts with the right hand. (Muslim)

2. Do not cleanse the private parts with the right hand. (Muslim)

3. After relieving oneself, use three stones or three clods of clay. (Muslim)

4. When using the toilet, do not face or sit with the back towards the Qibla. (Bukhari)

5. When intending to urinate, find a suitable place of privacy. (Abu Dawood)

6. Do not urinate in stagnant water where the water that does not flow. (Bukhari)

7. Do not urinate in a bathroom, as many a time due to this, evil temptations are aroused.(Tirmidhi)

8. Do not stand and urinate. (Tirmidhi)

9. Do not converse (with another person) whilst relieving oneself. (Musnad Ahmad)

10. Do not relieve oneself at riverbanks, roads and shady places where people walk or rest. (Abu Dawood)

11. Recite BISMILLAH before entering the toilet, as this will serve as a veil between the jinn and the private parts of humans. (Tirmidhi)

12. Do not perform istinja with bones or dung. (Tirmidhi)

Muslim Toilet Etiquette

Choose a team name, and choose one simple visual for your team


Assignment for Oct 9

Comments from guests and peers

They do not have specific toilets allocated to each family/ age-group. There is a separation between the male and female toilet, but males in the Rohingya camp doesn't really follow the rules and will use the female toilets. (provided by WASH)
There is shortage in toilets for both male and female.
The toilets in Rohingya camps are squat toilets.
Consider the protection for users using the latrines, including lighting, locks for privacy and location of latrines.
For the idea of kids portable, considering the colour and design.

Source: Mike Zuckerman and Nurul Hoque Robbi, 2020/09/25 Session at HKU from Uganda

Further research

People in Bangladesh and in Rohingya camp does not use toilet paper, they will use their hands and wash with water.
In respect to the culture of the camp, it is to be considered whether the design will respond with the normal practice/routine of the people. ie. People are used to use squat toilets in the camp, they might not be comfortable using sitting toilets

Source: Saiba Sahira, 2020/10/09 Session at HKU

To consider how to dispose faeces and urine. Plastic bags are not to promoted, and normally faeces are to be disposed to the latrines.

Source: Moury Rhaman, 2020/10/09 Session at HKU


INSTRUMENTS coming with this kits


-Gardening Fork

-water to clean (

-recycled bottle for irrigation

-detach the noodle from bucket



-potty training schedule

-add adequate cover material to their poo(covering the entire surface)

-close the opening with plastic sheet

-start seedling the bucket after it filled at capacity

-Participate to the gardening scheme

-protecting topsoil and stabilising slope

Keep developing designs - 3 detailed sketches of your design and technology

Design sketches

Prototype 01

Progress Images

Rapid Prototyping

Video Prototype role-playing (1 minute)

Post your 1 minute video on youtube as unlisted and post it here

Prototype 02



Red Bucket
Poop Potty —> Planting Pot
Blue Bucket
Pee Potty
Storage Bucket
Storage for dried leaves, sand for compost process
Recycled Plastic Bottle
Outlet for the pee potty
Plastic Scoop
Scooping the dried leave and sand to the poo potty
Can be diy with plastic bottle?
Plastic Sheet
Cover over the potties when not in use
Pool Noodle
Seating for potty
Fasten and secure the pool noodle in shape
Seal the edges and connecting points of the potties.

Business Model

Version 1 - HK


Version 2 - BG


Version 3 - BG (Mass Production)


Educational Material





Extra References


I would suggest you make a comprehensive survey of kids toilets out there and understand

  • the value proposition for each of these toilets

  • think of adapting it to this culture, climate, materials, budget...


-will there be dried leaves or cover material available and collected which is ready for use

-for pee potty, the position of the opening will cause difficulties to pour the urine completely out