STEAM Container, School


Hi Cesar and Maria, Recently I've been getting in touch with multiple schools for my fitness projects, NSM is one of them.號+Kwai+Hop+St&hl=en šŸ“ Salesians of Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School 30號 Kwai Hop St 2425 8223

In the video I was showing their brand new container which will build into an ecolab. (Having reptiles and creating micro habitats in there)

They also have a Plant Lab, workshop etc...

They are very keen on developing the idea of Smart living (sensors for energy waste reduction). And they would like to educate students the concept of it.

I think MakerBay would have a great opportunity to collaborate with them. Since their teachers are new with regards of these areas.

I would pass on your contact to the principal, Mr. Li:)