Sustainable Leadership 2021-22, HKU BASc. DESN9002


Sustainable Leadership Promo video. Video Lux Productions:

"Neomush" team, Sustainable Leadership Course, BASc HKU

Mushrooms, and fungi are everywhere and they are a key part of our life and death. Yet, they are underestimated and under-appreciated. Neomush intends to promote biodiversity with mushroom growing kits that are affordable, easy to use, and educational presenting each mushroom critical role: as food, decomposer, binder, habitat, fabrication and construction material and much more. The students also built a website, tutorial videos, and a videogame to raise mushroom awareness.

"Habitice" team, Sustainable Leadership Course, BASc HKU

Habitice is a social media app that is focused on physical and mental health for students. Habitice helps students build better fitness habits, facilitate team sports activities, and provides a safe place for students to peer support emotionally, or get an easy access to mental health services available on campus and online.

"Lovicus" team, Sustainable Leadership Course, BASc HKU:

During this period of instability with protests, COVID19, the team came up with the concept of apolitical student society, that would be promoting “inclusion” in all its forms. The Lovicus team organised several public events on campus, intentionally building friendships across differences and similarities in regards to ethnicity and language, gender orientations, food and musical tastes, academic specialisations and personality types... Our differences is our wealth, and we all humans!

Taught by Cesar Jung-Harada, Bradley O'Dell, Abel Lau, Ngoc Anh Duy Huynh. Thanks to our speakers: Sam Bankman-Fried, Victoria Wisniewski Otero, Alice Piterova, Uncle Salt, Tsz Ning Yeung, Aastha Gaur Thanks to our experts: Dr. Benoit Guénard, Dr. Wong Chi Chung Elvin, Dr. Chan Kai Tai Thanks to the mentorship of Saadia Usmani, Sharon Mullan. Thanks to our Judges: Gavin Coates, Fontaine Au, Cameron Van Breda, Dr Tom Barry Thanks to our administrator: Isabel Wong.




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