"Blue Plate" Food App

Blue Plate intends to help youngsters in Hong Kong, to eat healthier with a limited budget. Our solution is to build social media platforms to share meal plans, together with the nutritional value of each meal, to allow them to cook food with the same ingredients throughout the week. So far we’ve had social media platforms on Instagram and weibo, with 21 posts and more than 200 followers. We are delighted that we have received some encouraging feedback from our users. In the future, we hope to boost our collaboration with market vendors to provide users with more convenience in purchasing the ingredients.

  1. Sammie Ng (TA)
  2. Aastha Anurag Gaur (Coordination, Spokesperson)
  3. Sunny Chan (Nutrition)
  4. SICHEN YU (HR, Filming)
  5. Chun Lam CHAN (Social Media)
  6. Kelly Ng (Surveys)
  7. KI LUNG CHOI (Design)
  8. YUE WANG (Research, promotion)
  9. Haoqi Wei (Project Management)
  10. Shi Ji YANG (speech, writing, commenting, editing)
  11. Yan Chak TSANG (Risk, Impact)
  12. Jingran Cui (Photos & videos)
  13. Yu Qi (Recipe)
  14. SHAN Zixuan (Culinary advisor)
  15. Patrick Thomas Kho (Copyrighter)
  16. Asiya YU (Account Manager)
  17. Khushee Ramesh Soni (Supply Chain) 18. Jiaxin Wu (premiering promotion video) 19. MA Matthew Tsun Tik (Annex Slides) 20. WANG Hongyu (Editor)
  18. Ji Hyun Park (Supply Chain